In today’s workplace, it’s not uncommon for baby boomers and millennials to share office space. While there can be some tricks to getting people from different generations talking on the same wavelength, it’s relatively easy to do. It also results in numerous benefits. Here are some practices that work well in our Direct LG Marketing office:

  • Focus on Common Ground: Our Direct LG Marketing objectives are team-based. This alone gives us an incentive to work together and collaborate on campaigns. We also strive to find other areas that span age barriers, and about which we share mutual interests. Our team activities are designed for everyone to have fun together.
  • Foster a Welcoming Environment: We’re a diverse team, which means we’re inclusive of everyone, regardless of age, creed, or race. We make each team member feel valued for their contributions to our processes. Our Direct LG Marketing’s training program reinforces these principles to ensure that everyone is comfortable working here. We stress listening, empathy, and knowledge sharing as methods of working well together.
  • Mix Institutional Knowledge With Fresh Ideas: We come from various backgrounds, each with different experiences to share. With our coaching program, we mix tested wisdom and new viewpoints. Such a broad range of talents and perspectives results in richer outcomes across the board.